Sangat Pedas

DailySocial Kicks Ass… Koprol’s Ass!


Just three days ago I wrote a post about the seemingly lack of real fighting spirit in the Indonesian startup scene. The lack of discussions and the lack of telling it straight, like it is. Well, for starters it quickly became the most read post on SangatPedas, for whatever that’s worth and but it didn’t get the desired effect, up until yesterday.

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.

DailySocial’s top editor Aulia decided it was about time to take on the lazy ass guys of Yahoo! Koprol. You tell them Aulia! (mirror) What the hell are they thinking anyway? Eating hot dogs all day instead of coding some cool shit for the loyal Koprol users? Drowning themselves in soda while sitting on the bleachers watching Foursquare wiping Koprol of the face of the earth? I mean the audacity, the sheer arrogance, WTH! It was about time someone wooped their asses! No more mr. nice guy! Chapeau to Aulia and Daily Social! (I would love to give you guys a Google +1 but I guess the developers are still at the Burger King)

But anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know Yahoo! Koprol, Koprol is an Indonesian made location based social networking service which was acquired by Yahoo! a little more than a year after it’s release. The driving force within Yahoo behind the acquisition is Smitty who now is running the Koprol show. Now knowing Smitty I’m sure he will be a good sport, after all he’s used to getting is ass kicked. And it was Smitty himself who argued that the Indonesian startup scene needs more loudmouths… more guys that “bring it”.

Well Smitty, “Ask and ye shall receive”, meet Aulia who’s “pen” is mightier than the sword. Hell has no fury like Aulia scorned.


When I say “break”, I want a clean break
In the event of a knock-down, you will be directed to go to a neutral corner.
Are there any question”?
You are both professionals so I expect a good, clean fight!
Protect yourself at all times!
Okay, touch gloves and come out at the bell!

All eyes are now on Smitty’s blog NoKpi’s (you’re not taking this too literally I hope) to see if Smitty is able to recover from this blow disguised as a love letter. What will his strategy be? Can he turn this fight around? Come and see. Come see! Get your tickets now! Halleluja, finally some drama and controversy in the scene!