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Inside - All Blog Stats Revealed #NoSecrets


Saturday night, can’t go out cos I gotta wake up at 6:00 AM tomorrow. So just writing a post about this blog for all other bloggers. Today we’re revealing all stats about this blog, just to provide some nice benchmarking for other bloggers. At the same time we’re shattering the dream that one can get rich of monetizing your blog. Well, probably it’s possible but not with this one. The last time I used Adsense I basically made $0.04 in two days and then got kicked out.

Anyway, I started this blog in october 2010 and write almost 200 posts of which 177 are still live, basically I kicked out all posts which might be perceived as sexual controversial. Adding those posts was also more of a SEO test which worked, this blog was found almost only on xxx related search queries and totally not for the queries that were actually relevant.

So here it is, let’s start with the core, the visits. On a good day this blog gets 200 visits but over the whole month it averages 138 visits per day. So far this blog got a bit over 40.000 visits of which 34.000 are uniques.

As you can see we’ve made a nice jump after august 2011, the how-to’s are boosting performance, SEO and more how to write content combined with the change to a more simple SEO friendly design. The graph looks nice in terms of growth but I wouldn’t call it traction :)

Most of the growth comes from organic search traffic which over the month of february 2012 represents >70% of all traffic.

More interesting is the top 10 of search queries which basically tell me what people want to read: sex, girls, nightlife and celebs. Nothing new I guess.

If you want to do it better than this, go for a vertical blog, one that focusses on just one topic. Google likes that approach because of relevancy and you will more likely be able to become some what of an authority on your topic. For me, I just like to write about what’s going on in my mind and don’t care to much about the number of visitors.

The positive thing I could say: “People ALL over the world read this blog” which is true but don’t expect to meet anyone knowing or remembering this blog outside of Indonesia:

So there you have it, all stats and “secrets” of this blog revealed in a not so shocking and maybe boring post. If you want to know more just drop your question in the comments. #NoSecrets.