Sangat Pedas

Juninho’s amazing free kick


Since Sangat Pedas is slowly turning into always has been a female unfriendly blog I thought I might as well do a short football post tonight before going to sleep.¬†April 10th, the match the whole football loving world has been looking forward to, Qatars battle of the giants: Al Gharafa vs Al Sadd. Just in case you missed it because your wife wanted to watch “So you think you can dance” or you had to work the midnight oil.

Qatar, the Mekka of football where the abundance of oil dollars works like a magnet on magnificent football players in their heydays. Like Juninho, the king of free kicks who shows that even at age 36 he still hasn’t lost his touch. This just might be his best free kick ever and as a true football lover I have to salut this true legend, watch and enjoy! Anyone who knows what the hell the commentator is saying please dump it in the comments. YOUTUBE!!!

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