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Save the world from shitty presentations!

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In my recent posts I haven’t always been kind on people doing boring, non-interesting and non-personal speeches. My rule, especially with presentations or keynote speeches is that you either do a superb job or don’t do it at all. Which probably is the reason why I haven’t done any on-stage presentations at all lately. But still, since Tokobagus is rising people have been asking me so now I’m planning to make that killer presentation that will awe people, but that’s far from easy.

Anyway, while browsing around all night looking for some inspiration I stumbled upon this presentation from Ned Potter a.k.a TheWikiman. Yep, I gotta hand it to Ned because not only what he says is spot on but the execution proves he doesn’t only talk the talk but also walks the walk. It’s a must see presentation especially for startup entrepreneurs planning to pitch their business to potential investors.

Oh.. Btw. The late nineties called, THEY WANT THEIR SUCKY PRESENTATION BACK.

Please people, stop boring us to death with shitty presentations and learn from the man. He’s bold, blunt but cuts right to the core!

For more posts and presentations by Ned check his blog the wikiman.