Sangat Pedas

*Beep* Posts: Good or Bad SEO Practice?


In the past I wrote some posts regarding *beep* and the Internet, one the one hand because I thought the posts itself were pretty funny, on the other hand to see how the use of *beep* words would effect my traffic. Well, it has come to a point where I think Google Sangat Pedas as a *beeping* *beep* site, around 90% of the search results in Google is *beep* related.

So, I’ve decided to delete all the posts with the words *beep* and *beep* and *beep* in it. Let’s call it a reversed experiment, I got traffic on posts with lots of *beep* words in it, but did that negatively effect my other more serious posts? Seriously, only 3 posts out of a 138 get > 80% of the organic search traffic? Yes people, another real life SEO experiment just to serve you. Time for a change, Sangat Pedas just became slightly less Pedas.