Sangat Pedas

Axe Apollo Space Academy Commercial By BBH London


AXE ApolloIt seems whatever Axe and their agencies are putting out is getting better by the day. To me they’ve found the right mix between offline effectiveness, online virality by applying a more “cultural” approach instead of a “hard-selling” approach. The core off all this is a great strategy and loads of creativity from BBH London (Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty).

Probably one of the view jobs in the world I envy must be being member of a team that creates campaigns like these. Thinking beyond the usual advertising rules conventions and creating something new and original.

Axe & BBH understands that there’s no trick to get something to go viral, it just needs to be interesting, funny and original enough for people to bother.

So hats of to Axe and BBH for making yet another great commercial.