Sangat Pedas

[breaking] Facebook Meltdown!


Unfriend day Facebook TwitterCrisis at Facebook! And you know us, when we say crisis we mean real crisis, Total Digital Meltdown. It’s code red at the Palo Alto war room, all leaves are off! People all over the USA are running aimlessly and desperate in the streets, TOTAL CHAOS!

Hold on a sec… what the hell? What did you smoke?

Did you forget about it? November 17th? Huh? National Unfriend Day! Jimmy Kimmel announced it, no he declared November 17th as National Unfriend Day. And you know, that stuff goes viral! 253,589 views on Youtube, 627.000 results in Google, 13.463,889,393,223 retweets so this must be the real deal. Don’t believe us? Well, Jimmy said it so it must be true. It was on American National TV for crying out loud.

Enjoy your Facebook friends for another 24 hours and after that good luck with your real social live! (Oh btw, don’t forget to follow Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter.)

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