Sangat Pedas

Tokobagus Back To Basics


We have done quite a lot of “re-designs” in the past but most of them can be categorized as facelifts, touching up the existing model. A lot of these changes came from extensive and continuous UI testing by people literally taken from the street. But the old design wasn’t the right foundation to fix all issues our users encountered. Basically the model was too crowded, too cramped and (as a consequence) perceived as quite difficult.

So we felt it was time for a radical change and turn Tokobagus into a more user-friendly and “sticky” model, back to basics and focus only on the things that matter. The result is a homepage clearly offering the three navigation options, categories, search and region. Listings have been made much cleaner and the detail pages are more clear.

But not only the interface changed. As from a month ago we’ve switched to a pre-moderation model meaning that every ad is manually checked before it’s published.  A nice interface with crappy content is still crappy. So we decided to get rid of spam, counterfeit items and darn right low quality ads the only clutter the site.

So far the new design has been received well, a positive review on DailySocial and immediate improvement in engagement KPI’s. But we’re not done yet, I guess we’ll never be done :)


Tokobagus Detail Page