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The SangatPedas Euro 2012 Prediction

June 9, 2012 by Remco | 1 Comment

Euro 2012Yep, also about football Sangatpedas is the go-to-source for answers. Personally I’m still lobbying to become the head coach of the Indonesian national team but due to a lack of credentials and credibility I think I need something really strong to ever have a shot at realizing this goal.

So while everyone is going for the obvious by predicting a final with either Spain, Holland (yep I’m still a fan) and Germany I’m here to tell you it’s gonna go down completely different. I mean, when does a tournament ever go according to the predictions? Ok, maybe the last World Cup but not this time. Second, today I’ve had a premonition, like Octopus Paul was talking to me from the after life and he gave me the answers.

So here it is, the final will be Russia Spain - Italy which Italy Spain will win 2-0.

So there you guys, use it to your advantage or laugh your ass off but this is how it will go down. And once the tournament is over SangatPedas will be the most respected football oracle and I will become head coach of Indonesia and bring World Cup qualification. For realz!

Remi Gaillard: The (Trick Shot) Legend On Youtube [VIDEO]

June 3, 2012 by Remco | 1 Comment

I like to think I know about most of the Internet sensations but yesterday I found out I don’t. I caught myself all day watching every video of a crazy French dude named Remi Gaillard. Since all Remi’s videos combined easily got more than 100.000.000 views I assume some of you will say “OOOOLD!!” but so be it. My interest in producing videos only got bigger after seeing all his crazy and genius stuff.

How to get a free meal in McDonalds (it works!), playing Pacman in the supermarket and on the golf course, impersonating a matador in real life or doing some crazy ass shit with/in an elevator. And the list goes on and on with the absolute highlight being Remi penetrating the cup final in France. During the whole aftermath he joine as one of the players of Lorient, the winning team, shaking the presidents hand, holding the cup just by wearing a fake shirt and having huge balls.

But Remi is mostly known and famous from his unprecedented trick shots. Now I can already hear you say it’s all CGI, but the experts claim it’s not. It seems to be a combination of real skills and probably many many takes. Whatever it is, Remi delivers some mind boggling videos that are watched and admired by millions, including Ronaldo who challenged in the vid below.

The world is Remi’s play ground and his slogan says it all: “c’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” which loosely translated means “It’s doing anything that makes you become anyone“. Hats off bro, that’s a slogan worth living!

So if you want to spend a good sunday afternoon laughing then leave this blog immediately and check out Remi’s site.

Holland - Northern Ireland (6-0): Artistry In Orange [VIDEO]

June 3, 2012 by Remco | 1 Comment

With only a week to go to the EURO 2012 it’s time we confess color and obviously the color of this month is ORANGE. And the stars seem to be aligning. At last there’s a final decision in the long and nation-wide discussion about who’s going to be Holland’s central attacker. I’m glad we still have some common sense and that van Persie (for now) is our indisputed central attacker and in the final practice match he and Afellay showed the chemistry that was missing with Huntelaar.

Arjan Robben seem to have shaken off the Champions League debacle and showed some world class football last night by at times degrading Northern Ireland’s defenders. Also Sneijder showed he’s in top shape by hitting another free-kick just right in the top left corner. Yes peepz, whether you like it or not: Holland FTW!

Forget about startups, UI’s, fundings and keynotes, this month it will be all about EURO 2012!

I’m Sexy And I Know It

May 15, 2012 by Remco | 2 Comments

Music is still one of my biggest passions but I hardly can put much time in finding cool music. This is one of the major reasons I love Youtube, you get easily connected with music and artists you would normally never have heard of. Anyways, meet Noah who’s a regular Youtube celeb judging from the almost 4mln views of this music video in just 7 days!

I’m a 18 year old singer/songwriter from South Carolina. I love all kinds of music but most of what I write is pretty organic. I’m not into a lot of effects and tricks. Just good melodies and lyrics with something to say.

Check the vid and you’ll understand why people like Noah are that what makes Youtube popular and matter, for me anyway.

The Campaign (2012 First Trailer) - Yes We Cam! [VIDEO]

May 9, 2012 by Remco | 0 comments

Will Ferrell as (Yes We) Cam Brady and Zack Galifianakis as Marty Huggins are going head to head in an election race American style in “The Campaign”. After “The Other Guys” I’ve definitely become a huge fan of Will Ferrell and from the looks of this trailer this perfectly timed movie with the upcoming presidential elections in the US seems to be another movie I have to go see.

It’s an absurd parody on one side and on the other side it’s so close to the truth that it just becomes even more ridiculous. The movie will hit the cinemas on august 10th of this year. Check the Trailer and promo for our main man Cam Brady!

If you love America, if you love freedom, if you love your family then VOTE FOR CAM!

We’re Sangat Pedas and we approve this message.

Disclaimer: Paid for by “Yes We Cam” 012

Melia Octavia In The Tokobagus TVC You Won’t See On TV (yet) [VIDEO]

April 1, 2012 by Remco | 4 Comments

Recently I’ve worked on the new TVC’s for Tokobagus and people might think that’s a lot of glitter and glamour. Well, it’s not. It’s working from 06:00 till 23:00, a lot of re-shoots and a lot of waiting in a big, quite cold and uninteresting hall. But when working in a great team (thumbs up to Melvin, Novin, the guys from Pantarei) combined with some awesome TALENTS then everything is possible.

Did I mention TALENTS already? Yes, you’ve seen it right, Tokobagus features Melia Octavia Santoso in the automotive TVC’s (30″ and 15″). But believe it or not, never before has Melia featured in a movie, a Sinetron (soap opera) or even a TVC. Whaaaat???

Weird if you ask me. Nidji is cool but let’s be real: Melia is so much more cool. One day working with Melia was so inspiring for us that we instantly created a new TVC in just a matter of minutes, non-storyboard 100% Sangatpedas style. We predict a huge TV and movie career for Melia cos obviously this is THE BEST TVC EVA!!!

For more info please contact Sangatpedas Celebrity Management.

Magdeburg Soccer Fans Bring German Humor

March 28, 2012 by Remco | 0 comments

Germany, neighbor of Holland and (in)famous Bierfest in october, great cars, King of clones and some of Holland worst traumas (1-2). I worked and lived in Germany myself for a while and even went there for a holiday once. You can accuse and praise the Germans of a lot of things but till now humor wasn’t really one of them.

Well, stop the presses, I have to change my opinion today. It doesn’t go that well with FC Magdeburg, who once in the 70′s were champion of East-Germany and won Europe Cup 2 (Cup of Cup Winners). At this moment they pretty much hot rock bottom holding the last position of a regional league which is part of the 4th division in Germany. After 25 matches they have 20 points and only scored 8 goals. In The Netherlands fans tend to react a bot more primal, more testosteron driven, not really creative I guess.

Anyway, back to Magdeburg where the supporters are more into the 13th man idea and offer more constructive support to their team. Instead of arming themselves with weapons they’ve equipped themselves with big arrows in the club colors which they used to keep the players up-to-date on where the ball supposed to go: in the goal.

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Things Geeks Say And Do [RE-BLOG] [VIDEO]

March 23, 2012 by Remco | 0 comments

I’m not so much into re-blogging and my content is always in English. Today I’ll break both rules cos the guys from Malesbanget put together a funny video with some familiar faces. So a big shout out to, thanks for sharing and keep the good stuff coming. My guess is that if you guys keep this up within 2 years you’ll be in the top 30 websites of Indonesia.

Google Docs down… Twitter down as well… I’m going home.” BOX!

All 234 Goals Messi Made For Barcelona [VIDEO]

March 23, 2012 by Remco | 0 comments

Since last wednesday Messi has become the player who scored the most goals for Barcelona. At the age of just 24 he’s already by many perceived as the best player ever so time for a small tribute. All his goals for Barcelona have been put together in a 15 minutes video. Watch, Awe and Enjoy. Messi is Boss!

If You Fail, Try And Try Again

March 10, 2012 by Remco | 0 comments

Some kids seem to be destined to make an impact in this world. 7-Year old Audri build  Rube Goldberg Machine that’s pretty neet, especially for a 7-year old. Even more impressive is his passion and methodical way of testing and improving it. The link with entrepreneurship is easy to make especially the wise words at the end. Besides that, this video made me smile, from ear to ear that is.