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Remi Gaillard: The (Trick Shot) Legend On Youtube [VIDEO]

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I like to think I know about most of the Internet sensations but yesterday I found out I don’t. I caught myself all day watching every video of a crazy French dude named Remi Gaillard. Since all Remi’s videos combined easily got more than 100.000.000 views I assume some of you will say “OOOOLD!!” but so be it. My interest in producing videos only got bigger after seeing all his crazy and genius stuff.

How to get a free meal in McDonalds (it works!), playing Pacman in the supermarket and on the golf course, impersonating a matador in real life or doing some crazy ass shit with/in an elevator. And the list goes on and on with the absolute highlight being Remi penetrating the cup final in France. During the whole aftermath he joine as one of the players of Lorient, the winning team, shaking the presidents hand, holding the cup just by wearing a fake shirt and having huge balls.

But Remi is mostly known and famous from his unprecedented trick shots. Now I can already hear you say it’s all CGI, but the experts claim it’s not. It seems to be a combination of real skills and probably many many takes. Whatever it is, Remi delivers some mind boggling videos that are watched and admired by millions, including Ronaldo who challenged in the vid below.

The world is Remi’s play ground and his slogan says it all: “c’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” which loosely translated means “It’s doing anything that makes you become anyone“. Hats off bro, that’s a slogan worth living!

So if you want to spend a good sunday afternoon laughing then leave this blog immediately and check out Remi’s site.

  • PE

    “Since all Remi’s videos combined easily got more than 100.000.000 views” More than 1 300 000 000 views today :)