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[Review] Toshiba NB-305: “Natural Born iPad killer”


the iPad killerYep, my house has been crowded all week, phone didn’t stop ringing and I never gained more followers on Twitter than in the lost week, all because everybody wants to see it. Woooow! OOEEEEHH! Admiring and a litlle envy all around…. Well actually NOT. Cos a netbook isn’t sexy like an iPad or hot as a Galaxy tab. But let me tell you this: it’s the best investment you can do! Here are the reasons why a netbook is a Natural Born iPad Killer.

1. It’s a notebook, with all it’s features and strengths, packed into a 10″ device;

2. It actually has flash, always nice if you browse the web;

3. Multi-tasking, you know, doing more than one thing at a time, available on Windows since 1995;

4. Windows operating system, meaning you can just about find and run any software you want;

5. USB ports, 3 to be exact, iPad has none;

6. Webcam and skype, basic needs;

7. Removable battery, always nice when the battery loses it’s capacity;

8. Full size keyboard so you can actually be productive;

9. VGA port so you can connect to a TV or projector when pitching your new business;

10. Yep, the harddisk is spinning but it offers a whopping 250GB of space and comes with a great vibration protection system;

11. You can print from a netbook, yeah, really!

I could go on and give you dozens reasons more but you get the picture by now, but let me give you one reason more, the price! At $350 to $400 this netbook is half the price of a the iPad 64Gb Wifi + 3G.

So next time you see someone with an iPad, support him or her, say something nice, compliment them on the great looks of their iPad and give them an encouraging pat on the back, they need it. They got the looks but lack the goods.

Sure, when owning and showing off your iPad you make a statement, but unfortunately it’s one that says your an impulse driven buyer and an easy pray for Apple marketeers.

Posted on my Toshiba NB-305

  • pemales

    I really height galaxy tab.. its stressfull just to get one and loosing it. so I say mine is better… wakakakak… im going to get ipad so I can read books while sleeping and a toshiba so I can play solitaire.. nahhh thats better

  • Arno

    Think the article should have had the following title: Why you should really pity netbook users. But that is probably because I am writing this comment from my iPad ;) (which is btw wayyyyyy better than the Galaxy Tab).

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  • remco

    Hey Arno, let me follow my own advice: wow, ur iPad really LOOKS great, my compliments!

    *pat on the back does give*

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    Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article