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Ask Selina Limman - [Crowdsourcing Twitterview]


Selina LimmanYes people, we’re in the preparation of some new “Twitterviews” here and like with our previous twitterview, we have a special preference for Indonesian “Power Women”. It’s been a long time but definitely worth waiting, we’ve got two incredible Power Women lined up for you. We take our twitterviews seriously here and consequently we have the toughest pre-selection on earth. For realz!

Anyway, after a long selection procedure, months of lobbying, begging and utter humiliation I finally managed to get no one else than the one and only Selina Limman aka Miss Urbanesia aka Miss Dimps to agree to do a Twitterview. No kiddin’, we’ve got the Queen of Indonesian startups! That’s what living up to our standards and high expectations from our readers. BOX! But….

As I’ve stated before on this blog: Selina Limman……..aaaaahhhhh………. she makes me stutter, she makes me feel weak in my shoes and brabble like a 3-year old. Basically all my assertiveness, arrogance and sarcasm are out of the window when I talk with, write or even think about Selina.

By now I hope Sangatpedas has a reader-base that appreciates and practices sarcasm, irony the way we do here: funny, uncut, and to the point, no BS. Meaning I need your help with this one, CROWDSOURCING TIME!!. What should we ask Selina? What is it you always wanted to know about Selina?

Just drop your questions in the comments, one rule only: both question and answer are limited to a maximum of 140 characters. This gives me the opportunity to still ask some sarcastic questions and blame it on my readers. Genius! Obviously or surprisingly there will be some selection in which questions finally make it to Selina. The best questions will win an answer. DROP IT IN THE COMMENTS!

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  • Agus

    How much was the initial funding for Urbanesia?

  • selina

    Turns out nobody is interested :p

  • Okto Silaban (@labanux)

    How much money Urbanesia has already make? (exclude investor of course)

  • Ali G

    Are most guys only interested in your money?

  • C-Low

    How did you come up with the name Urbanesia?

  • Pelan-pelan

    What’s your bbm?

  • Agus

    Why do they call you Miss Dimps? Seriously! Why?

  • Chazzuka


  • Mary

    How come you always look so gorgeous?

  • Timo

    Do you run any other startups besides Urbanesia?