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Rockto (Should) Make(s) Social Sharing Rock!

September 6, 2011 by Remco | 0 comments

Let’s start this post in Rockto style: Howdy y’all! Now many readers might think I’m an arrogant *beep* who’s only criticizing others and thinks I’m Gods gift to mankind. Well, you might have a point, I haven’t been all that positive about the Indonesian startup scene but that’s gonna change now!

Ever heard of a site called “Rockto”? Huh? Well chances are you’ve never heard of it but you should have. Personally the whole bookmarking/sharing/recommendation phenomenon doesn’t really appeal to me, sites like Digg and Reddit completely passed me by. But somehow Rockto (Rock TOday) is different, Rockto is pretty cool I guess. Rockto is an Indonesian social sharing slash social bookmarking site slash social recommendation site, it’s social anyway and it’s awesome! It’s so 4.0! Rockto is the one Indonesian startup that “as is” could and should conquer the world.

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