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Happy Birthday Tokobagus!

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We’re not really big on birthdays but since I found out this week that today (june 9th) it’s exactly 6 years ago that was born we decided not to let it go by unnoticed. So today we have a small modest party at the ICC event where we’re also going to show our new stand.

A special super thanks to our professional, dedicated, loyal and above all fun team who work hard everyday to realize our dream. Guys, your the best!!!

Also a special thanks to the team Pantarei who obviously have done a great job on our TV campaign that put Tokobagus nation-wide on the map. Guys, we love working with you which not only is like a continuous breeze of creativity but also just lots of fun. And of course thanks for the cake!

  • b4nch4

    waw, congrats ya^^