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Odyssey Dawn: the shit is on in Libya

The unrest and turmoil seems to continue in the Arab world. Saturday France, Great Britain and the United stated  bombed targets in the capitol Tripoli and the cities Misurata and Benghazi. This after information became available that suggested that Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi the bring down the resistance with whatever means necessary.

During the start of this operation called Odyssey Dawn at least 110 Tomahawkmisiles have been fired by the NATO coalition mostly aimed at antiaircraft artillery of Kaddafi's army. For military geeks, on the Guardian you can find an interactive map of the no-fly zone and all the info about Odyssey Dawn.


[Video] Boat meets Tsunami in Japan

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Book bomb Jakarta exploding [VIDEO NSFW]

Today the office of the Liberal Islam Network, a moderate Islamic group, received a book which seemed to be addressed to the group's former director and liberal Muslim scholar Ulil Abshar Abdalla. Because someone detected cables with a strong smell they suspected it might be a bomb and decided to call the police. So far so good. However, the police officer who arrived at the scene clearly tried to dismantle the bomb which ended bad resulting in four people injured including the policeman losing his hand.

Earlier that morning former Densus 88 antiterror police officer, Gen. Gories Mere also received a similar device which could be defused.


Earthquake & tsunami in Japan through the lens

I'm not known for being speechless but sometimes things happen that leave me speechless, realizing how tiny we are compared to natures forces and how lucky I am. Sometimes it's just better to say nothing and let the images tell the story...

My heart & thoughts goes out to the people of Japan, may God be with you.

Please donate money for the relief efforts in Japan of the Red Cross!