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Collectors and online trade

I'm not a collector, well I try to collect money but so far I really suck at that. But there's a huge worldwide community of collectors that collect just about anything you can and can't imagine. When running a local classified website you need to pay attention to this collectors community which is extremely trade intensive. Actually, it's the collectibles that made eBay and the online auction model big and eBay on its turn had a significant economic effect for collectibles by setting true market prices through simple but optimal laws of supply and demand .


Trick or treat!

Well, the week is almost done so shutdown your hip airbooks, take off your glasses and let your hair down. After FRANK (FRiday Afternoon driNK) the weekend starts and this weekend it's Halloween. Now I don't have anything particular with Halloween, it is after all a typical Northern America thing but it seems it has conquered Bali as well. So I decided  to do some research on the costumes.

Well holy macaroni! after visiting some online shops I get it why it's so popular in the States. Check the costumes, I don't know what's scary about them but for me it can be Halloween all year.

Trick or Treat? Easy lah: TREAT!

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