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The history of the tablet according to Motorola [video]

In 2011 Motorola will be launching their Android tablet and they're already starting some pre-launch promotion. For that they've made a somewhat funny video about the history and evolution of the tablet. Funny thing is that there are a lot of negative comments on this video on youtube like that it's not good marketing practice to bash other products/manufacturers. Actually in general I agree that promoting your own product by bashing the competitors is bad practice but on the other hand it is funny to claim that this device will make the iPad and Galaxy Tab look ancient.


Happy Holidays!

I love watching the same X-mas movies on tv again, I love the christmas tree, the snow, the family and friends gatherings and the food, so basically I love Christmas.  After arriving back in Holland to spend the Christmas holidays with my daughter and my family me and my girlfriend did some christmas shopping. So we bought lights, balls, garlands, food, wine etc and... a TWISTING FLAPPING EARS DOG. The amazing voice, timing and presentation combined with a high 'fluffy' level makes this the ultimate Christmas gadget of 2010.

Later expected on this blog: serious news. In the meantime we wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


[Review] Toshiba NB-305: “Natural Born iPad killer”

Yep, my house has been crowded all week, phone didn't stop ringing and I never gained more followers on Twitter than in the lost week, all because everybody wants to see it. Woooow! OOEEEEHH! Admiring and a litlle envy all around.... Well actually NOT. Cos a netbook isn't sexy like an iPad or hot as a Galaxy tab. But let me tell you this: it's the best investment you can do! Here are the reasons why a netbook is a Natural Born iPad Killer.


They’re messing with our brain! #Samsung

You remember the post about the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch? Wasn't really positive right? Pretty sarcastic actually to people buying it and especially when they are  willing to wait 5 hours in line for it. Guess what! Today, not even three weeks later everything changed and I went to every mall in Jakarta because I simply had to have it, I needed it, can't live without it. It was thanks to some divine intervention that prevented me from really buying it. In the first two malls it was sold out but the third had it. Getting out my wallet I discovered that my creditcard was missing. Walking disappointed outside I called my business partner who pointed out I should be able to use my maestro back card so I went back but no dice, didn't have the right payment terminal. But they pointed me to the ATM in the 2nd floor but again that attempt was in vain.


Cool! Awesome! But what is it?

I could consider myself as a modern oldtimer, coming from the ancient pre-computer era. I actually watched black & white television and my first computer was a Commodore VIC 20 with roughly 3500 Bytes (really!) available RAM. I used to rule at Ms. Pacman and Dragon's Lair but frankly I don't game anymore (except for Angrybirds) because I basically suck at gaming now. I really have no idea what all the blackberry symbols are about and most of the time I don't see any faces let alone the emotion they express.

Today I saw this picture on Koprol with the text "New toy" and I really had no idea what I was looking at, blank, clueless. Are these the first signs of old-age kicking in? Am I losing touch with the digital community in which I always counted myself as a innovative and up-to-date member? Will I still be able to remove a virus, install a printer and see the difference between a smartphone and an iPod?

Let's put this to the test and see how up-to-date the average SangatPedas reader is. We dare you, what is this awesome new toy? Dump any idea in the comments.


[BREAKING NEWS] Samsung Galaxy Tab to save the world???!!!

Reporting live for you from Senayan Plaza Jakarta where 3 Sangatpedas reporters are witnessing a historical moment while standing in line for the miracle device from Samsung that's gonna save the world, right? no? must be ya??? People standing in line for already 3 hours, the police distributes food and water, the Red Cross is on the way on this historical day for Indonesia.

Finally there's a device with you will not only make a cool, hip and sophisticated statement but you can actually make phone calls, send text messages and emails, chat with your friends, update your status on your social media, browse the Internet, make documents, play games and IT FITS IN YOUR POCKET!! (provided your pocket is big enough) OMG, our Korean friends from Samsung should be put up for a Nobel prize, why didn't someone else come up with this before.......
Wait a second....

Anyways, happy saturday to the people in Senayan Plaza and special thanks to our reporters who must be going through hell to get this ingenius device!