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Facebook now leads in 115 of 132 countries

Probably not surprising but still impressive to see how Facebook slowly but surely beats any local competition in almost any country. Thanks to the diligence work of Italian Vincenzo Cosenza we can give a clear insight in the current social media market and the development over the last 18 months.

While in june 2009 there were still 16 social networks other than Facebook leading in their local market, 18 months later only 11 have withstand the Facebook power which makes Facebook market leader in 115 of 132 countries. Orkut is still market leader in Brasil, V-Kontakte still rules Russia and Zing is still Singapore's favorite.


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Report on global Internet speeds

Morris Kline once said "Statistics are the mathematical theory of ignorance", well that may be true but in our business we love statistics. Sure, statistics are almost always subjective but they let us come as close to the truth as possible and give us some guidance if what we're doing actually has the desired effect.

Nuff said! Here are the latest statistics regarding the top 50 countries on Internet and their connection speeds. Indonesia, which is #16 in the world based on the number of Internet users is on the 48th place in this top 50. So to all Internet startup entrepreneurs and developers in Indonesia we say make sure your application is lean and mean enough to still provide a pleasant user experience, it might just be the edge you need to beat your (foreign) competitors!