Sangat Pedas

Want to have a million dollars? Just ask for it on Youtube!

Everyday millions of people anguish themselves thinking on how to get rich quick and most of the time they keep thinking for the rest of their life. Some people we call entrepreneurs actually give it a try and mostly spend their life working like crazy without actually making one million dollars.

As usual really simple solutions prove to be the best solutions. Most of you will remember Alex Tew who at age 21 became a millionaire with his "million dollar homepage" by selling pixels on his homepage and becoming part of Internet history. No if you think that was simple, check out Craig Rowin's 'business model' which basically is just asking millionaires for 1 million dollars. Simple, not a lot of work and so it seems pretty effective. A mystery man named Benjamin claiming to be a millionaire promised to give Craig Rowin the 1 million dollar he asked for.


Need traffic? Hoax a celebrity dead!

Everybody running websites is always chasing after more traffic because traffic equals money and thus the more traffic you get the more money you make (I'll explain it later dad). So I'm writing my ass off in this blog to build a solid amount of visitors so that hopefully by the time I'm 70 years old I can retire in a tiny apartment on Bali.

Now I can understand that people are not happy with the prospect of having to wait that long or with the final reward and so they think of better and more efficient ways to gain traffic fast. Now shocking news about celebrities is always good for a lot of traffic and when it's "user-generated" it's even better.

But let me come to the point, trending on twitter today was #RIP Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy supposedly died in a freak snowboard accident, which is far from the truth. Besides the fact that my hero ("I know you! you're the fuck-you man!") is still very much alive, he wasn't even close to any ski-resort in Switzerland. Nope, but the news is still published on a site calling itself "Global Associated News" but operating under different domain names. Normally I would link to a site but in this case I chose for a screenshot for obvious reasons, I'm not giving traffic to those guys.


Why should you care about net neutrality?

In the US there's a fierce discussion regarding the end of network neutrality. Basically it comes down to it that ISP's offer a basic Internet access pack but will charge you extra if you want to use popular or bandwidth intensive sites like Youtube. Even though the discussion seems to limit itself at the moment to the US, you can be sure that ISP's in other countries are following these developments with particular interest.

In an ideal market I wouldn't worry about this phenomenon, if everybody opposes this system there will be new ISP's that just offer the same open access we're used to and the greedy ISP's will be punished.

Unfortunately we're not living in an ideal world and ISP's are often owned by huge corporations that basically control the market.

The whole idea of Internet in the first place was an open network where everyone can access the same information without any kind of discrimination. People that travel the world already know that the Internet isn't that open and free as before and it's time to put a stop to censorship and avoid monetizing by ISP's by charging extra for popular sites. So to say the least it will be interesting to see how this will develop and our wish for 2011 is an open Internet without censorship.

For an Ipin & Upin explanation visit "A guide to an open Internet".


Angry birds are spying on us!

Angry birds has become my main source of entertainment in airports, the waiting room at the dentist and during boring meetings (sound of). And even though the birds are angry and on a rampage, who would have thought all the fluffy birds are in fact spying on you and me?

A research reported by the Daily Mail tested 101 apps and found that 56 transmitted the phone's individual number (UDID) to a private company, some 47 sent the phone’s location and five sent age, gender and other personal information.

Among the 56 apps sending the phone's UDID is Angry Birds which sent the information to the game’s makers Electronic Arts. Pandora, the popular music app, sent gender, location age and the phone ID to a string of advertising networks. Android and iPhone versions of a game called Paper Toss, where players try to throw paper wads into a bin, each sent the phone’s ID number to at least five ad companies.

27Nov/102 cracked the code on monetizing URL shortening services?

Weird, wednesday checking our traffic and I found a new traffic source giving us 14.000 visits that day, mind you, with an average of 1.4 pv/visits. Seems that this traffic comes from, a url shortening service owned by X19, a UK company residing in London. So why is this interesting? Well, besides the traffic they bring us seems to be the first URL shortener that actually pays people to use their service, and that made them grow fast, really fast up to the point where they're bigger than for instance So, did crack the code on big time monetization of URL shorteners or will they be nothing more than a one day


And the donkey of the week is…..

Meet Ariel (a.k.a. Chazzuka), a well respected and renowned developer and highly valued colleague at Tokobagus. This guy eats 800 pages complex developments books for breakfast, his online presence is larger than Lady Gaga and he's just about to upgrade his digital live with a Galaxy Tablet (yes I'm jealous). So basically he eats, breathes and lives Internet... at least that's what I thought up till this afternoon's lunch. Allow me to quote mr Internet: "I want to start a real business, you know, something offline". We predict massive layoffs at Google, everyone will read newspapers again and for status updates we use smoke signals again. Salut to Chazzuka and have fun at PestaBlogger! Ok,, come in please...