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Facebook status “It’s complicated”

We from Sangat Pedas are always happy to be helping out someone, answer those difficult question you know, just because we care. Anyway, this week we got a question about Facebook a.k.a. Fakebook a.k.a. Fuckbook. The question seems simple: What does the relationship status "It's complicated" mean?

This question was specifically about our fine Tokobagus crew where an exceptional amount have set their status to "It's complicated". Well, there are many answers to that question so based on the person using this status you have to make the right analysis and pick the appropriate definition.


Do the Facebook nudity test

Porn, sex, nudity, excessive cleavages, sex or even the implication of any of the mentioned is something we all shouldn't want. Why? Well it clouds the mind, degrades women to sex objects, it defies all our moral standards and even worse, it causes men to start thinking with their secondary brain "mr Happy". No peepz, we should do whatever we can to fight people and websites that do not follow there rules!

And luckily I'm not standing alone here because our friends from Facebook uphold the same values like us, yep, great minds think alike. Any, the Zuckerberg clan basically tells it like this:

Images may not be overly sexual. They may not show excessive amounts of skin, cleavage or imply nudity.

Well, that's a clear rule but apparently there's some confusion amongst the nice people that man the support desks at Facebook. Below are 2 photo's, one was flagged as inappropriate and got declined but the other picture was 100% A ok no problemo.

Can you tell which one it is? Post your comment below and the most original comment wins a free trip to Bali (on foot), 100 Tokobagus promo points and a lifetime free membership of the Sangat Pedas community. Word! That's how we roll!

Picture A                                                              Picture B


Odyssey Dawn: the shit is on in Libya

The unrest and turmoil seems to continue in the Arab world. Saturday France, Great Britain and the United stated  bombed targets in the capitol Tripoli and the cities Misurata and Benghazi. This after information became available that suggested that Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi the bring down the resistance with whatever means necessary.

During the start of this operation called Odyssey Dawn at least 110 Tomahawkmisiles have been fired by the NATO coalition mostly aimed at antiaircraft artillery of Kaddafi's army. For military geeks, on the Guardian you can find an interactive map of the no-fly zone and all the info about Odyssey Dawn.


The Ayam Confusion - Indonesian for beginners

One thing is for sure, Indonesians like their chicken, with rice of course. Chicken is the number one food in Indonesia and the number of variations on chicken in the Indonesian kitchen are staggering.

Ayam Goreng, Ayam Bakar, Ayam Kuning, Ayam Katsu, Ayam Gulai Rebung, Ayam Masak Habang, Ayam Rebus Jamur, Ayam Goreng Tepung, Ayam Saus Bawang, Ayam Masak Bawang, Ayam Goreng Mentega, Ayam Kuluyuk, Ayam Bumbu Hijau, Ayam Kalio Padang, Ayam Besengek, Ayam Drumstick Pedas, Ayam Areh, Ayam Bumbu Poyah, Ayam Ungkep Wijen, Ayam Sumpu, Tum Ayam. Well, I really could go on for hours but you get my drift.


Thinking outside the box

Let's first address the featured image linked to this post because I can already hear women saying that it's sexist and irrelevant for this post. Well, they're absolutely right but that's called "Thinking outside the box", unconventional, different and from a new perspective. In this case the perspective is that my mainly male audience definitely prefers looking at a pretty blond girl instead of a box. Besides that, Sangat Pedas should be a little more Sangat Pedas in my opinion. So gents, here's a link to the wallpaper size image, enjoy!

Anyway, the topic is "Thinking outside the Box" and why we really should stop using those words. 


Narayanan Krishnan: A True Superhero and Inspiration [video]

Often the term "Hero" is defined as a person that on one occasion acted courageous, selflessness, distinguishing him or herself by a brave deed. The soldier that saved his team, a by passer  saving someone from drowning or someone overpowering a robber in a Seven Eleven. Without saying acts like these aren't heroic it's videos like these that show that we often overlook the real heroes, people that selflessness help other people day in day out.

One of those heroes is Narayanan Krishnan who lives by a simple rule that everybody has 5.5 liter of blood meaning everybody is equal and should be treated as such. Narayanan touches the essence of life by asking himself "What is the ultimate purpose of life?", a question I'm sure lots of us think about. But like in business, just thinking about things doesn't make it happen, Narayanan makes it happen, day in day out. Watching this video I was touched and I felt guilty and I'm asking myself what can I do?

Help this superhero through his Facebook page peepz!


[Video] Boat meets Tsunami in Japan

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