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Thinking outside the box

Let's first address the featured image linked to this post because I can already hear women saying that it's sexist and irrelevant for this post. Well, they're absolutely right but that's called "Thinking outside the box", unconventional, different and from a new perspective. In this case the perspective is that my mainly male audience definitely prefers looking at a pretty blond girl instead of a box. Besides that, Sangat Pedas should be a little more Sangat Pedas in my opinion. So gents, here's a link to the wallpaper size image, enjoy!

Anyway, the topic is "Thinking outside the Box" and why we really should stop using those words. 


Collectors and online trade

I'm not a collector, well I try to collect money but so far I really suck at that. But there's a huge worldwide community of collectors that collect just about anything you can and can't imagine. When running a local classified website you need to pay attention to this collectors community which is extremely trade intensive. Actually, it's the collectibles that made eBay and the online auction model big and eBay on its turn had a significant economic effect for collectibles by setting true market prices through simple but optimal laws of supply and demand .


The key to success by Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia

So, all startup entrepreneurs, I would like to have your attention because this is the moment where Jimmy Wales is going to give you insight into the key to the success of online brand management. Are your ready? Are you writing this down? Sure? Ok, here it comes:


So there you have it, thank you Jimmy for sharing this with us, I guess the whole startup world was waiting for this. Once again you see, success is a choice, a decision you make and thanks to James everybody can be successful, just make stuff that works!

You could read the rest of the interview on but well, it's more brand management than any more insight.

27Nov/102 cracked the code on monetizing URL shortening services?

Weird, wednesday checking our traffic and I found a new traffic source giving us 14.000 visits that day, mind you, with an average of 1.4 pv/visits. Seems that this traffic comes from, a url shortening service owned by X19, a UK company residing in London. So why is this interesting? Well, besides the traffic they bring us seems to be the first URL shortener that actually pays people to use their service, and that made them grow fast, really fast up to the point where they're bigger than for instance So, did crack the code on big time monetization of URL shorteners or will they be nothing more than a one day


New weapon in developers recruitment: TECHIE GIRLS!

Besides an astronomic salary, health insurance, THR, many holidays and a great location we at Tokobagus unintendedly found a new way to attract talents and keep our current developers.

Techie girls!

I mean what's more cool than a techie girl that can join conversations about Ruby on Rails, PHP frameworks and hot geek stuff? Well, I tell you, ATTRACTIVE TECHIE GIRLS like our Chi, I mean that's super-duper-uber-mega-catwoman-cool. Can we get a HELL YEAH!!?? Can we get an AMEN!!!??? Of course all our male developers full hearted agree with that. First question our developers ask our competitors when they try to recruit one of our talents is no longer about the salary or benefits but about the female co-workers, EAT THAT COMPETITORS!

Anyway, every system has it's flaws as you can see in the striking cartoon made by Eka, one of our talented designers, which show that having techie-girls in the office doesn't always have a positive effect on productivity. But +100 for Chi's solution: BIG UP YOURSELF! RESPECT! AAAAIII. But in Marlon's defense, Catwoman for god sake, Halle Berry, can someone give a nicer compliment than that?

Anyway, talented developers of the world, you can send your CV to jobs-at-tokobagus-dot-com, equal chances for everyone but we prefer you being female between the age of 20 and 30. Don't forget to add a recent photograph to your application, makes the pre-selection a lot more fun for our HR guy.


Content theft gets me so #%$@ upset!

Yep, when some guys from the country of molded cheese decide it's ok, cool and just normal to steal 10.000's of pages of content from classified sites that actually worked hard(!) an invested money to get this far, I get upset, really upset. But I stay polite and just tell them in my best french: "Faut péter dans l'eau pour faire des bulles" which to my understanding means "have a nice day".

For the rest I would say enjoy the totally unrelated, off-topic, nothing-to-do-with-this video which doesn't necessarily express my own opinion or feelings...... Btw, the video is courtesy of Youtube, South Park Studios and Comedy Central. Now, you see? That isn't so difficult to just follow netiquette and mention the source, comprendre??!!!!


How to build your community!

Allow me to introduce the man behind SangatPedas: Matt Mullenweg. Well, actually he probably doesn't know about the existence of this great blog site that will rule the world but he's the guy that made it all possible. As founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg has become one the 25 most influential people on the Internet. Ranked #19 in Alexa world wide and even #8 in Indonesia WordPress has become a global leading player.

So the question every Internet (startup) entrepreneur probably wil be asking is "How did he do that?" On the bottom of this post there's the audio of a presentation Matt gave on the topic how to get from 0 to 100.000 users. Yeah, I know, audio is so 1.0 and 1999, extremely boring when it doesn't have a big beat. Well, I promise that besides the annoying intro and outro (someone got really creative with wavelab) it will easily keep your attention and give you crucial information on how to grow your community.

The first hundred thousand are always the hardest and in this session Matt Mullenweg will discuss strategies for scaling your community from 1 to 100,000 users and beyond. Matt will describe his 12 rules, including the importance of obsessing about details, doing your own support, blogging every step of the way, and being a painkiller, not a vitamin.

This is must listen material for anyone running anything on the web, listen to the man, he even managed to drag me into it.

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