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Content theft gets me so #%$@ upset!

Yep, when some guys from the country of molded cheese decide it's ok, cool and just normal to steal 10.000's of pages of content from classified sites that actually worked hard(!) an invested money to get this far, I get upset, really upset. But I stay polite and just tell them in my best french: "Faut péter dans l'eau pour faire des bulles" which to my understanding means "have a nice day".

For the rest I would say enjoy the totally unrelated, off-topic, nothing-to-do-with-this video which doesn't necessarily express my own opinion or feelings...... Btw, the video is courtesy of Youtube, South Park Studios and Comedy Central. Now, you see? That isn't so difficult to just follow netiquette and mention the source, comprendre??!!!!


Limewire is dead…

Big party this week at Necker island, Sr. Richard Branson arranged the girls Steve Jobs was popping the champage while Madonna shouted "WE WON, WE WON". Even Prince (a.k.a The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) was joining the party again preaching his evangelic about the the end of the Internet. Almost everyone was there except Justin Timberlake who's on the blacklist for sympathizing with Kazaa. Yep, it was a jolly good party and the music Industry is saved, from now on everyone will buy music on iTunes and the "good guys" win, never mind RapidShare or and the thousands of others.

To quote a famous Dutch Football coach: "Are you so stupid or am I that smart????". Has the music industry still not learned that the only way to fight something is to come up with a better alternative, like asking prices that are reasonable and that people can afford? From SangatPedas we wish the music industry good luck with their swimming against the current, fighting windmills and daydreaming. Congrats on your "win"!

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28Oct/100 never send any spam….

Anyone without a good spam filter must have noticed it, the flood of emails offering cheap Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy  came to an abrupt halt on september 27th. For yet unknown reasons Russians authorities decided to crackdown on this company and with that abandoning it's "laissez-faire" policy.

On average send out 50 billion (!!) messages per day which roughly makes up for 1/5 of all the spam mails daily send in this world. Mr. Gusev, the "alleged" leader of this organisation, that also seems to be responsible for the 2008 cyber attacks on Georgia, has fled the country but through his lawyer he denies any links to SPAMMING by SPAMIT.COM, I'm really curious how his lawyer is gonna talk his way out of this....

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