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Do the Facebook nudity test

Porn, sex, nudity, excessive cleavages, sex or even the implication of any of the mentioned is something we all shouldn't want. Why? Well it clouds the mind, degrades women to sex objects, it defies all our moral standards and even worse, it causes men to start thinking with their secondary brain "mr Happy". No peepz, we should do whatever we can to fight people and websites that do not follow there rules!

And luckily I'm not standing alone here because our friends from Facebook uphold the same values like us, yep, great minds think alike. Any, the Zuckerberg clan basically tells it like this:

Images may not be overly sexual. They may not show excessive amounts of skin, cleavage or imply nudity.

Well, that's a clear rule but apparently there's some confusion amongst the nice people that man the support desks at Facebook. Below are 2 photo's, one was flagged as inappropriate and got declined but the other picture was 100% A ok no problemo.

Can you tell which one it is? Post your comment below and the most original comment wins a free trip to Bali (on foot), 100 Tokobagus promo points and a lifetime free membership of the Sangat Pedas community. Word! That's how we roll!

Picture A                                                              Picture B


Whatsapp: the must have mobile messenger application!

Personally I think I'm a pretty tech savvy guy, I run a successful Internet company, use iPhone and MacBook and I manage to have actual conversations with the geeks in our office without them shaking their heads. Besides that I run a blog and did a lot of the "development" myself (ok, installing plugins isn't rocket science but I did a lot of the CSS myself) and I test just about every website that comes along in the Indonesian startup scene.

However, today I had an SMS conversation with Selina (the only CEO that manages to get me to stutter ) and in one message she said "Whatsapp?". So first I thought she was merely asking "wassup?" in Indo-english but I guess she quickly noticed my ignorance and explained about Whatsapp, thanks for that Selina!


The making of the Tokobagus TV commercials

A big shout out to Melvin, Acong, Lisa, Suryani, Kevin and all the rest of the crew that made it happen for us. Because to their creativity and professionalism the Tokobagus TV commercials are a big success and while making it we had a great time. Thanks guys!


Marketing tips for Internet startups

Before I start I need to make some disclaimers first. First, there is no formula for success, if there was everybody who has the formula would be successful which is clearly not the case, Second, I'm no expert, there are thousands of people out there who read way much more about marketing and know all the terms and theories. Reason why I don't share a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience is because it simply makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, it seems somewhat pretentious. However, I can consider myself as a serial startup entrepreneur and with every startup I was directly involved on the marketing side. The numerous tests, failures and occasional successes have finally led to my so far most promising startup in which our marketing strategy seems to pay off. Last disclaimer is that this has been definitely a team effort and I'm lucky to work with some smart and creative people.

Anyway, enough with the disclaimers and on to the core. The startup community in Indonesia and especially Jakarta is a fast growing, enthusiastic and passionate community with some promising startups. Often startups are created by geeks, and I mean no disrespect, after all, Mark Zuckerberg might be considered a geek but he also definitely had his share of luck. So for most startups the struggle begins once they've launched their platform their startup won't just take of by itself, it requires marketing, most of the time lots of it. So this in this post I share some of my experiences and opinion in the hope that it will help startup entrepreneurs around the world and especially in Indonesia.

7Mar/111’s TV commercials go live!

One of the reasons I've hardly had time to blog lately was the fact that Tokobagus has been growing like crazy and I had to concentrate on our TV campaign and the production of our TV commercials. The decision to do a nationwide TV campaign wasn't an easy one because we've always believed (and still) strongly in the fact that a website is best promoted online. But considering our pretty strong and aggressive online campaigns and the enormous growth of the last year we've decided is ready for a nation wide TV campaign.

Yep, it's time to bring Tokobagus to the next level with besides our TV & Radio campaign also a new logo and a new pay-off: "Tokobagus, Jual Beli Bagus!", as our commercials it's simple, clear and hopefully effective. I plan to do a post on "the making of" the TV commercials later which should be quite interesting but for now I'll leave you with the end result of our efforts and hope you like it.


Want to have a million dollars? Just ask for it on Youtube!

Everyday millions of people anguish themselves thinking on how to get rich quick and most of the time they keep thinking for the rest of their life. Some people we call entrepreneurs actually give it a try and mostly spend their life working like crazy without actually making one million dollars.

As usual really simple solutions prove to be the best solutions. Most of you will remember Alex Tew who at age 21 became a millionaire with his "million dollar homepage" by selling pixels on his homepage and becoming part of Internet history. No if you think that was simple, check out Craig Rowin's 'business model' which basically is just asking millionaires for 1 million dollars. Simple, not a lot of work and so it seems pretty effective. A mystery man named Benjamin claiming to be a millionaire promised to give Craig Rowin the 1 million dollar he asked for.


Point proven, no more Twitter auto feeds

Recently I wrote a post claiming that according to the statistics hyper activity on Twitter gets you much more followers and I announced a field experiment to put this claim to the test and so I did. I added some external feeds to Google feedburner and used the publicize feature to automatically tweet about posts from sites like Techcrunch, Engadget and some others.

I started this experiment on my own twitter account on December 17th when I had 210 followers and now it's three weeks later and my follower base grew over 50% to a staggering 306 followers. Nice result but I annoyed the hell out of some of my more appreciated followers and a rough estimate says that more than half of my new followers are spammers or companies I'm really not interested in.

So my conclusion, auto feeds on Twitter definitely will improve the quantity of followers but has the opposite effect on the quality.

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