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Want to have a million dollars? Just ask for it on Youtube!

Everyday millions of people anguish themselves thinking on how to get rich quick and most of the time they keep thinking for the rest of their life. Some people we call entrepreneurs actually give it a try and mostly spend their life working like crazy without actually making one million dollars.

As usual really simple solutions prove to be the best solutions. Most of you will remember Alex Tew who at age 21 became a millionaire with his "million dollar homepage" by selling pixels on his homepage and becoming part of Internet history. No if you think that was simple, check out Craig Rowin's 'business model' which basically is just asking millionaires for 1 million dollars. Simple, not a lot of work and so it seems pretty effective. A mystery man named Benjamin claiming to be a millionaire promised to give Craig Rowin the 1 million dollar he asked for.


Point proven, no more Twitter auto feeds

Recently I wrote a post claiming that according to the statistics hyper activity on Twitter gets you much more followers and I announced a field experiment to put this claim to the test and so I did. I added some external feeds to Google feedburner and used the publicize feature to automatically tweet about posts from sites like Techcrunch, Engadget and some others.

I started this experiment on my own twitter account on December 17th when I had 210 followers and now it's three weeks later and my follower base grew over 50% to a staggering 306 followers. Nice result but I annoyed the hell out of some of my more appreciated followers and a rough estimate says that more than half of my new followers are spammers or companies I'm really not interested in.

So my conclusion, auto feeds on Twitter definitely will improve the quantity of followers but has the opposite effect on the quality.


Bubble is coming, bubble 2.0 is coming!

Got your slick powerpoint presentation ready? Did you give your business plan an extra boost? Already have a few visitors on your start-up in stealth mode? Got your blue shirt and kaki pants back from the laundry service? Memorized your elevator pitch? Made yourself familiar with Valley slang? Came up with a cool logo and an even more cool name for your company? (fruggle is already taken)

Our time has finally come, the moment every start-up entrepreneur has been waiting for, better than having Christmas and Thanksgiving in one day: Bubble 2.0 is coming! So exit stealth mode and make sure your on Techcrunch, e27 or Dailysocial, certified altars for any tech investor. VC's armed with big fat check books are already fighting to get a piece of just about any pie, even when it's plain old fashioned apple pie. Don't worry if your business is still 1.0, just ad some Web 2.0 visual effects, connect with Facebook and Twitter, say it's all in the cloud and you're all set.


I cnt underst& n e ov th@! :(

Courtesy of Cakebomb.

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Need traffic? Hoax a celebrity dead!

Everybody running websites is always chasing after more traffic because traffic equals money and thus the more traffic you get the more money you make (I'll explain it later dad). So I'm writing my ass off in this blog to build a solid amount of visitors so that hopefully by the time I'm 70 years old I can retire in a tiny apartment on Bali.

Now I can understand that people are not happy with the prospect of having to wait that long or with the final reward and so they think of better and more efficient ways to gain traffic fast. Now shocking news about celebrities is always good for a lot of traffic and when it's "user-generated" it's even better.

But let me come to the point, trending on twitter today was #RIP Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy supposedly died in a freak snowboard accident, which is far from the truth. Besides the fact that my hero ("I know you! you're the fuck-you man!") is still very much alive, he wasn't even close to any ski-resort in Switzerland. Nope, but the news is still published on a site calling itself "Global Associated News" but operating under different domain names. Normally I would link to a site but in this case I chose for a screenshot for obvious reasons, I'm not giving traffic to those guys.


Facebook now leads in 115 of 132 countries

Probably not surprising but still impressive to see how Facebook slowly but surely beats any local competition in almost any country. Thanks to the diligence work of Italian Vincenzo Cosenza we can give a clear insight in the current social media market and the development over the last 18 months.

While in june 2009 there were still 16 social networks other than Facebook leading in their local market, 18 months later only 11 have withstand the Facebook power which makes Facebook market leader in 115 of 132 countries. Orkut is still market leader in Brasil, V-Kontakte still rules Russia and Zing is still Singapore's favorite.


Online dating & flirting is all about lips

One standard way for websites to get some publicity in the media is conducting surveys and making a press release of the results. This time dating site, did us guys a huge favor by thoroughly researching what pickup lines work best in online dating and flirting. Number #1 in all countries researched was compliments about women's lips.

“It works, because it’s bold, not cautious,” said Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist and dating coach. “What many women want is for men to take the initiative and not be wishy-washy.”

So there you have it, great advice, BE BOLD, NOT CAUTIOUS! Try it guys and let me know how it worked for you, remember we at Sangat Pedas can't be held liable for anything we publish.

Especially for my Dutch friends, the research shows that women in Holland like to be complimented on their ears... Now I wonder if this research is more reliable than my knowledge of Dutch women cos quite frankly I never complimented Dutch women on their ears, but I will definitely try it and let you  guys know.

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