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Narayanan Krishnan: A True Superhero and Inspiration [video]

Often the term "Hero" is defined as a person that on one occasion acted courageous, selflessness, distinguishing him or herself by a brave deed. The soldier that saved his team, a by passer  saving someone from drowning or someone overpowering a robber in a Seven Eleven. Without saying acts like these aren't heroic it's videos like these that show that we often overlook the real heroes, people that selflessness help other people day in day out.

One of those heroes is Narayanan Krishnan who lives by a simple rule that everybody has 5.5 liter of blood meaning everybody is equal and should be treated as such. Narayanan touches the essence of life by asking himself "What is the ultimate purpose of life?", a question I'm sure lots of us think about. But like in business, just thinking about things doesn't make it happen, Narayanan makes it happen, day in day out. Watching this video I was touched and I felt guilty and I'm asking myself what can I do?

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Jakarta hospitals and my bionic arm

While most Jakartians spend their weekend in Bandung, Bali or one of the >150 malls I decided to spend mine in the hospital. Around a year ago I broke my arm pretty bad just below the joint, multiple fractures, crushed and the bone penetrated my muscle. The surgeon on Bali reconstructed my arm during the first operation but because he used screws that were too long and sticking through the bone he had to do a second operation.

After a year running around with a bionic arm I decided to use this weekend to get all the metal out of my body and so it happened. Still somewhat dizzy from the shitload of anti-biotics and pain killers I'm looking at the stuff that came out and keep being amazed about the size of the 4cm screws.

Anyway, for expats who are looking for a good hospital in Jakarta I can definitely recommend the Siloam hospital in Kebun Jeruk, since they're the only hospital approved by the US embassy it was my first choice and I must say that everything was 100% ok.

Anyway, I hope next weekend will top this one...

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Pitfalls of a startup entrepreneur and a great speech

The question I've asked myself for years, and I assume many entrepreneurs ask themselves that question, is "am I doing it right?". And when asking myself that question it's not only about my business or career but also my personal life, my joy, how I interact with family and friends and how they see me. The question applies to how I do business, how I work and how I balance it with my social life, which should be more than Facebook and Twitter. Well, I've been an entrepreneur for 16 years now and it took me most of that time to come to the conclusion that I've been doing it WRONG and fell into many pitfalls!


Lucky new year!

31st of December? Check! Fireworks? Check! Absolut? Check! Baileys for the women? Check! Food? Check! Time for the last post of the year before the party starts!

This will probably be my last New Year on Bali for a while an I have to say goodbye to some dear friends here on Paradise Island but I will be reunited with the Tokobagus crew so to every disadvantage there's always an advantage. For me 2011 will be the year in which Tokobagus and Indonesia in general will rock the Internet world in the most positive way possible. But hopefully it will also be a year without duckfaces and death hoaxes, vulcano eruptions, censorship, awkward encounters with celebrities, content theft or subliminal advertising.


Confessions of a workaholic

From when I was young I've had a strong urge to create, build or rebuild things. I still remember 'working' on a car radio at age 4 and probably having some great outcome in mind even though I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

For me it always has been an over the top all or nothing state of mind. I used to play lead guitar in rock bands and I'm pretty sure I drove my neighbours crazy practicing every minute not being in school. When I started DJ'ing I spend well over 30 hours per week on music next to my regular 40 hour a week job. When I started 'producing' music it became even worse, days that I went to bed at 04:00 AM when having to go to work at 08:00 AM were more rule than exception, even though I was absolutely not hindered by any talent whatsoever.


Merry Christmas!

Time for a few days without blogging but with snow fun, presents, family and food. So Sangat Pedas wishes everybody a merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays!

I love watching the same X-mas movies on tv again, I love the christmas tree, the snow, the family and friends gatherings and the food, so basically I love Christmas.  After arriving back in Holland to spend the Christmas holidays with my daughter and my family me and my girlfriend did some christmas shopping. So we bought lights, balls, garlands, food, wine etc and... a TWISTING FLAPPING EARS DOG. The amazing voice, timing and presentation combined with a high 'fluffy' level makes this the ultimate Christmas gadget of 2010.

Later expected on this blog: serious news. In the meantime we wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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