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Styling blockquotes in WordPress with CSS

I like to blog about what interests me but already for a few weeks I was thinking that what this blog needs are some tutorials. You know, to work in my street-cred among the techie guys and just to help out the community cos that's the kinda guy I am...(kuch).

So here we go, our very first tutorial on how-to style blockquotes in WordPress with css and I'm pretty sure some of our developer's eyes will frown when reading this post and I'm sure to expect some comments on what is wrong about this post. But like a lot of bloggers, I'm a blogger and not a developer and already really happy I managed to get this blog where it is right now.

I like the Lightword WordPress theme and all the fancy widgets but I had to do a lot of repairs and css tweaking to get everything looking the way it does. So one of the the things I didn't like about the theme was the way the blockquotes were designed.


How to build your community!

Allow me to introduce the man behind SangatPedas: Matt Mullenweg. Well, actually he probably doesn't know about the existence of this great blog site that will rule the world but he's the guy that made it all possible. As founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg has become one the 25 most influential people on the Internet. Ranked #19 in Alexa world wide and even #8 in Indonesia WordPress has become a global leading player.

So the question every Internet (startup) entrepreneur probably wil be asking is "How did he do that?" On the bottom of this post there's the audio of a presentation Matt gave on the topic how to get from 0 to 100.000 users. Yeah, I know, audio is so 1.0 and 1999, extremely boring when it doesn't have a big beat. Well, I promise that besides the annoying intro and outro (someone got really creative with wavelab) it will easily keep your attention and give you crucial information on how to grow your community.

The first hundred thousand are always the hardest and in this session Matt Mullenweg will discuss strategies for scaling your community from 1 to 100,000 users and beyond. Matt will describe his 12 rules, including the importance of obsessing about details, doing your own support, blogging every step of the way, and being a painkiller, not a vitamin.

This is must listen material for anyone running anything on the web, listen to the man, he even managed to drag me into it.

[pro-player height="50" width="550" type="MP3"][/pro-player]


How to use KPI’s

Time for some serious blogging. Mind you, we've got to keep working on our credibility because we don't want people to think this blog is only a sarcastic parody on what goes on in the digital market. So let's talk serious, let's talk KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), specifically website KPI's. Cool stuff? I mean KPI's are AWESOME. Nothing better to impress your colleague entrepreneurs with a comment like "yeah we just hit 450.000 visits per day", look at those faces, admiration combined with jealousy all around. Of course quickly responded by an alpha-male saying that on his the average pageviews per visits had gone up with a staggering 30% to 23 pv/visit. Wow! that's great, super duper good for you!