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Become an instant DJ star with Google Beatbox!

BUYAKA!!!! it's me main man Big G in da house!!! Respect! Big up to Google for making me da best human beatbox in da world, check it before you wreck it! Aaaaaai!

Yeah peepz, normally Google is boring, dusty, search, apps advertising and making money. But what the hell? Google turned their Google translate into the coolest digital human beatbox and all of a sudden Google Beatbox is becoming the hottest thing on the net!

Booyaka, izzie now, check da whole story!


Ben Saunders (Use somebody) remixed by DJ Jean! #TVOH

Thank god it's friday!!! And that means another two days R&R and hitting the clubs. Just to warm you up and get you in the mood we want to share this with ya'all.

Ben Saunders, MMA fighter and favorite in Holland's most popular TV program "The Voice of Holland" stunned everybody during his audition with his smashing version of "Use Somebody- Kings of Leon". Now DJ Jean made a remix that will definitely become a floor-filler. Anyway, enjoy and have a great weekend all!

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