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Juninho’s amazing free kick

Since Sangat Pedas is slowly turning into always has been a female unfriendly blog I thought I might as well do a short football post tonight before going to sleep.

April 10th, the match the whole football loving world has been looking forward to, Qatars battle of the giants: Al Gharafa vs Al Sadd. Just in case you missed it because your wife wanted to watch "So you think you can dance" or you had to work the midnight oil.

Qatar, the Mekka of football where the abundance of oil dollars works like a magnet on magnificent football players in their heydays. Like Juninho, the king of free kicks who shows that even at age 36 he still hasn't lost his touch. This just might be his best free kick ever and as a true football lover I have to salut this true legend, watch and enjoy! Anyone who knows what the hell the commentator is saying please dump it in the comments.


Save the world from shitty presentations!

In my recent posts I haven't always been kind on people doing boring, non-interesting and non-personal speeches. My rule, especially with presentations or keynote speeches is that you either do a superb job or don't do it at all. Which probably is the reason why I haven't done any on-stage presentations at all lately. But still, since Tokobagus is rising people have been asking me so now I'm planning to make that killer presentation that will awe people, but that's far from easy.

Anyway, while browsing around all night looking for some inspiration I stumbled upon this presentation from Ned Potter a.k.a TheWikiman. Yep, I gotta hand it to Ned because not only what he says is spot on but the execution proves he doesn't only talk the talk but also walks the walk. It's a must see presentation especially for startup entrepreneurs planning to pitch their business to potential investors.


How the Dutch change the odds for #winning

Yeah, we Dutch are fond of winning, thus we hate losing. Well, you might say, that's normal, everyone likes winning and losing makes no one happy. True but we Dutch really really.. REALLY hate losing and we like to change the odds in our favor anyway possible.

The people that were with Tokobagus when we were still on Bali, especially Anom, will probably vividly remember our paintball outing. Because my business partner Arno isn't what you call a Rambo kinda guy he decided to change the odds by arranging some protection, extra pressure on our guns and 5 times the amount of bullets... and I must confess, it worked: #winning!

More recognizable for a larger audience is the World Championship finals where Holland decided to change the odds my mixing our football talents with some martial arts skills against Spain. This almost worked but the International press screamed "Shame on you Holland!" while our own press was convinced it was Spain that was unsporting.


Farewell Pia Toscano.. I’ll stand by you! #AmericanIdol [Video]

Well, it's official, America absolutely has no clue when it comes to judging talent or only teenage girls actually vote for their favorite American Idol. Last week the judges, me and Pia Toscano were in tears, confused and shocked, what the hell just happened?? One of the best singers and definitely the hottest looking girl got voted off American Idol and I've been in a state of devastation since then, can't eat, can't sleep and burst out in tears every 20 minutes. With tears in my eyes I say farewell Pia, American Idol is over for me this season....


Are Indonesian startup entrepreneurs less original?

I'm not so much into responding to posts of other bloggers but in this case I would like to make an exception. Last week I read an post written by Funcrowds' founder Andre Siregar titled "Startup Indonesia: kurang orisinal?". He wrote this article based on the fact that 9 startup entrepreneurs pitched their business to several VC and all the startups were basically localized clones. What I didn't like about Andre's post is that it's tendentious because he only asks the question without giving his own opinion and just quotes Ryo Umezawa, director of venture capitalists J-Seed Ventures. So I think Andre has raised an interesting question but failed to shed some light on that question or simply didn't want to burn his fingers on answering that question.

So allow me to share my opinion on this topic, does the Indonesian startup scene lack originality?


Life’s highs, lows and miracle rebounds [Videos]

Some posts just easily write themselves but with this one I've been thinking about the angle for two days and actually still don't know so I'm just gonna go ahead with it.

One of the things I really hate are successful entrepreneurs who believe they're really special, better than other people, some God's gift to mankind. They tend to completely forget where they're coming from and how much luck and privileges they've gotten to come to that point. Even worse are those who actually aren't successful at all and do a much better job in promoting themselves than their company with a shameless arrogance and a great suits....

Success, happiness, wealth are privileges with which one should be really happy while maintaining some humbleness because life has a funny way of f*cking with you and turn things upside down. Just as it did with Daniel Mustard and Ted Williams, a talented musician and a golden radio voice who both ended up in the streets due to alcohol and drugs addictions. Both wanting a second change and maybe by some miracle both got one.